Meet The CEO


Divine Connections is a company serving as a resource to provide services and solutions. The company is tri-fold in the mission to help others through our Internet Television series, bi-annual magazine which is available in print and online, as well as our Words of encouragement which are expressed through special events held in the community. Divine Connections supports businesses, churches, and individuals to connect to their potential through marketing, solving financial problems, and hosting networking events.

Executive Director and Owner Deloris Williams, is a 2001 graduate of Winston-Salem State University with a Bachelors of Art in Therapeutic Recreation. As a result of her training, she was a self-motivated entrepreneur at heart. Through various experiences with several companies the desire to pursue her own business grew stronger every day.

From that experience, she gained a wealth of knowledge and recognized that believing in herself, getting organized and creating a system for success would enable her to accomplish her goals. Deloris believes that goals are met when the system you create produces the positive results you desire. Negative results that did not meet your expectations cause you to alter methods while matching the results you are looking for in production.

Divine Connections was birthed from life experiences of Deloris that derived from people looking for specific services. Somehow, the requestors knew that Deloris had connections with individuals to meet needs and solve problems. Through this journey Deloris has crossed paths with entrepreneurs with existing businesses and those who were just starting. The common thread was that both were always looking for new customers.

Divine Connections was originally, started to supplement income and help others build their business. Knowing that corporate jobs are not permanent Deloris wanted to see what could be accomplished with her own efforts. Understanding that the average person spends countless hours working for someone else who limits the finances that can be gained, changed Deloris’ perspective to see that working your own business can provide freedom, flexible hours, and unlimited finances. She began to brain storm in 2006 and 2007, and started putting the pieces together.

Divine Connections was incorporated in 2007. Deuteronomy 8:18 it says, “I give you power to get wealth” Power also means creativity. Currently, Divine Connections has spread to cover a magazine and television show that spreads the good news, allowing others to share their business, testimonies, events, and encouragement. In addition, Divine Connections partners with a company that allows churches to stream services live.

Deloris believes God has now put people in her life to help push her vision because now she sees the vision is much bigger than she is. But, we all get the victory and God gets all the Glory. So Divine Connections is not just a title it’s a movement. Stay connected to Divine Connections.

Be Encouraged Kings and Queens